Our goal is to create a more welcoming and relational church by exploring ways to openly and creatively address the fractures caused by social conflict and racial division.

Our call to action is simply this: If we want to be something different we must do something different. Social harmony does not magically happen, we must work hand in hand to create it.

We accomplish this through online liturgies and geographically based in person and online meetings centered around contemplative reflections and spiritual practices that help us discern what a faith community dedicated to following Jesus’ example should be doing.

At each gathering we allocate time to use our liturgies for introspective learning and evaluation of the degree of each person’s community engagement.

We then discuss ways that we might penetrate the narrow perspective of reality that was ingrained in the inwardly focused Christianity of the past.

This approach is necessary to enable those joining us from diverse backgrounds and various faith traditions to broaden their understanding about the lives of others.

Similarly, understanding racism requires more than a reliance on one’s personal experiences and then projecting them onto the situations of others. People must, as the mystic Nicholas of Cusa said, “educate themselves into unknowing.”

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